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Park entry fee required.

$10 Daily- $55 Season Pass 



If you are craving some time outdoors, look no further.  Just as you barely leave the rush of the city, you will find natures edge tucked quietly away on the 7 miles of trails at Santa Fe Lake. 


Santa Fe Lake trails are divided into two very different but equally spectacular trails, both of which are suited for Hiking, Mountain Biking (Helmet Required), Walking or Running.   

The North Trail is approximately 5 miles long with twist and turns through beautiful wooded areas, along the North Shore of the Lake, through native tall grass prairies and around a beautiful grass meadow.  It is Mostly Flat, stroller friendly for the most part and is suitable for hikers and bikers of all skill levels. (Helmet Required for all Mountain Bikers)

The South Trail is approximately 1.7 miles and features a much heartier terrain of rocks, roots, steep climbs and fast descents.   You will also find many old growth hardwood trees, and a beautiful waterfall during the rainy season and other times of moderate to heavy rainfall.  This trail is only about 20% stroller friendly, however the path to the waterfalls is stroller friendly. (Helmet Required for all Mountain Bikers)

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