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Benefits to Season Pass Members

1. Season pass members are able to use Santa Fe Lake Nature Park and Recreation Area from 5am-10pm where day pass users are limited to 8am-Sundown.

2. No waiting in line to purchase a day pass on busy need check in, just proceed to your favorite activity.

3. Camping rates are half price for season pass members versus day pass users wishing to camp.

4. Check out time for South shore primitive camping for Season pass Members is 10PM, for day pass users that are camping, checkout is 10 am.

5. For frequent visitors, you save lots of $$$$. If you visit every other week and purchase day passes it adds up to $260.00. A season pass is $55.00 and you can visit every day if you like!

6. Season Passes are vehicle specific and cover your friends and family when they ride with you.

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